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Knowledge Management

Store your indexed audio, video, minutes and documents in a centralized searchable repository to manage knowledge from many geographically distributed meeting spaces

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Productive Meetings

Turn recorded meeting activities
into actions, results and
higher productivity

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Training and Development

Generate training videos from your own meeting spaces and track development your talent with
their own real live footage

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Video Conference

Allow for the participation
of people in remote locations

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Meeting Cost Management

Generate insights of time spent in meetings and cost associated per area, department and your complete organization, lowering your total meeting cost

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Meeting Minute Generation

Write and sign your meeting minutes summary within the system, establishing commitments
and responsible parties

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Mobile Meeting Rooms

Complete wireless system packaged in a robust case that allows you to carry on your meetings in any place

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Unified Meeting Management

Connect multiple meeting spaces via LAN / WAN / Mobile to carry on unified meetings

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Human assisted voice to text to achieve 100% accuracy in pseudo real time*

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(Q4 2021)

Dynamic generation of voting

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INVICT is applicable in many sectors including judicial, corporate, education, medical, HR, market research and government, among others. It helps organizations deal with complex issues such as Compliance, Governance, Lost Knowledge and Memory.

Invict is the equivalent of a flight simulator for future lawyers!