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INVICT is an innovative technology startup that helps organizations potentialize knowledge and efficiency through the recording and indexing of visual and verbal communications, turning recorded meeting activities into Actions & Results and higher productivity.

Verbal is by far the best means of communication, unfortunately as “words are blown with the wind” society in general has determined that words must be interpreted, summarized and written. For the essence of human communication to become valid in many day to day business transactions is must be written.

What a shame it is to loose the true spoken words to the interpretation of the individual summarizing and writing, what a shame it is to loose the true intention, tone and attitude in which words were said, and even more, what a shame to loose the body language and facial expression used when saying those words. Written words account to only a small percentage of what was really said.

At INVICT we believe that if true spoken words, tone, intent, body language and facial expression can be preserved and made searchable and actionable, the potential for improving knowledge and productivity is limitless.

That is why we developed the INVICT Platform, to help organizations potentialize knowledge and productivity by means of recording and indexing the video and audio of their own meetings and sessions.

Our systems have already been deployed in several countries in a number of different applications and every day our customers help us find new possibilities for our technology.