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July 17, 20232 min read


OMG, I´m hacked

Cybersecurity is no longer a fringe concern. For legal practitioners, it is becoming an integral aspect of day-to-day operations. Clients trust law firms with their most sensitive information, which in the wrong hands could spell disaster. Understanding how cyber attacks start is the first step in fortifying your defenses.

Once upon a time, cyber threats were primarily external— rogue hackers from the internet's shadowy corners attempting to penetrate your digital defenses. Our traditional strategies against these threats involved constructing robust barriers like firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). Antivirus software also became our trusted gatekeeper, always on the watch for nefarious entities.

However, the nature of cybercrime has since evolved dramatically. Today's cyber landscape has transitioned from threats being exclusively external to them originating from virtually anywhere. The fortified walls and trusted gatekeepers we relied on are now susceptible to being bypassed by the sophisticated techniques of modern-day hackers.

Today's hackers use advanced malware that is encrypted so thoroughly that they become practically invisible to firewalls and IDS systems. Once robust fortresses protecting against external threats now find themselves circumvented as if the hackers possess the master key.

The evolution of cyber threats mirrors that of military tactics, constantly upgrading and adapting. Today, hackers employ various techniques to sidestep perimeter defenses, infiltrating your network from within. These inside jobs could be as innocuous as a phishing email, a misclick on a deceptive link, or an innocent gaming session on an unsecured website.

Despite modernizing our networks with edge devices, wireless access points, servers, and personal devices, we're still falling prey to these sophisticated threats. Many firms still operate under the outdated assumption that attacks are external, investing heavily in firewalls and antivirus software, which unfortunately, isn't enough anymore.

As law professionals, we need to upgrade our cybersecurity strategies to match the sophistication of modern cyber threats. This means implementing solutions that offer comprehensive coverage, capable of detecting an attack irrespective of its origin, alerting the team, isolating the threat, and containing it before it spreads.

So, if your law firm's cybersecurity measures solely consist of edge protection and antivirus software, it might be time for a rethink. If you're facing challenges in this area, don't hesitate to reach out. Let's protect your legal practice together, one byte at a time.

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