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July 17, 20232 min read


Are you ready for a cyber attack

Posing the question, "Is your firm ready for a cyber attack?" might seem a bit startling, much like asking if you're prepared for an unpredictable event. However, unlike uncertain happenings, there's indeed a way to fortify your firm against cyber threats.

If you haven't yet fortified your firm's digital domains, it might stem from a lack of understanding about the severity and immediacy of cyber threats, illuminating the vital need for cybersecurity solutions. Considering the alarming frequency of attacks - millions occurring each week - and the crippling costs associated with them, it's essential to integrate top-tier cybersecurity measures. In this digital era, hackers don't sleep - their sights are set on your confidential data. The critical question is, have you prepared your defenses?

This isn't merely advice - it's an urgent summons for action. A glimpse at recent data might compel you: in the U.S. alone, there were 668 million breaches last year, skyrocketing from 1.5 billion breaches the previous year. If your firm is U.S.-based, your likelihood of being targeted is significantly higher, with American companies being the target of 38% of global attacks. The average cost of a significant breach in the U.S. in 2018 was an astronomical 7.9 million dollars per firm. A look at any cyber threat map will reveal a chilling reality: hundreds of thousands of attacks occur every day. The threat isn't a mere possibility; it's an ongoing assault!

Your intent in reading this is straightforward: to ascertain your firm's safety against cyber attacks. Understanding the threats you're up against and your level of preparedness is paramount. While adhering to compliance regulations like HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC is crucial, meeting these standards doesn't ensure comprehensive protection. Engaging a dedicated cybersecurity company to safeguard your network is a sage move.

The reason for this recommendation is simple: these firms are staffed with cybersecurity experts, armed with the education and experience required to combat diverse cyber threats. While a basic cybersecurity product can deter numerous attacks, without an expert continually analyzing reports and anticipating varied threats, your firm remains exposed. Your company needs a vigilant team, constantly scouting for potential threats like zero-day attacks.

The breadth of cybersecurity companies and products reflects the diverse sources of potential attacks - clouds, servers, firewalls, SDS systems, and personal devices. Opting for a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution offers not only preventative measures but also real-time alerts about serious threats and not false-positives. Should an attack be detected, your partnered cybersecurity experts will swiftly work alongside you to find a solution, ensuring that your digital fort is constantly monitored and protected.

Wrapping it up, considering your readiness for a cyber attack isn't about predicting the unpredictable; it's about preparing for a well-known threat. Just as insurance is there for unforeseen events, a reliable cybersecurity partner stands by your side to defend against cyber attacks. The question remains, is your firm adequately armored?

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