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Board of Directors
Management Committee

Board of Directors

INVICT is a powerful tool to register the important decisions taken by the members of the board, aiding corporate governance for any organization.

  • The meeting is assigned with the corresponding registration number of the minute of meetings

  • Each member of the board is biometrically identified in the meeting, certifying its presence

  • Participants may be required to ask for priority to speak from their assigned microphone

  • The camera automatically moves to record the video of the speaker in close up shot

  • The system automatically indexes the video / audio by participant

  • The secretary enters context based keywords to generate further indexing

  • The system generates an automatic transcription of the audio with a human assisted correction process to assure 100% accurate transcription in pseudo real time*

  • Video / audio are further indexed automatically utilizing the transcription*

  • Assistants may be given the ability to use a CLICKER, physical or APP to mark personalized key moments of the meeting allowing them to easily find these at a later moment

  • Documents may be attached to the main / main file number for easier management and further search

  • The secretary generates a simple minute, which has the video, audio, transcription and attached documents as support.

  • Once minutes are read, participants sign on their microphone as acceptance of the minute

  • Minute is generated on a PDF file with the content and signatures and automatically distributed to the participants via email

  • Video, audio, attached files, transcription and  minutes are synchronized with the central Invict system

  • A searchable and actionable repository is made available to the secretary of the meeting

  • Video may be easily found by participant and keyword across one or many meetings, allowing traceability of the meeting

*Functions currently under development

Management Committee

For Management Committees INVICT offers the following benefits:

  • Cost management and optimization through the insights rendered by the system regarding specific and accumulated meeting time and cost

  • Increased productivity through the conscience of the cost of time and meeting minute creation and follow up

  • Personal or collective training and development opportunities through watching your own interventions of those of your peers

  • Personalized notes in the system with the touch of a button, allowing each participant to find key moments in the meeting

  • Videoconferencing