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Prison inmate remote deposition
Conciliation and Arbitration
Law Offices
Lawyer Training


INVICT may be installed in courtrooms to handle the complete trial process.

  • The hearing is assigned as part of the main file number

  • Each participant is biometrically identified in the hearing

  • Participants are required to ask for permission to speak from their assigned microphone

  • The Judge assigns right to talk or the system may assign automatically based on configured parameters

  • The camera automatically moves to record the video of the speaker in close up shot

  • The system automatically indexes the video / audio by participant

  • The secretary enters context based keywords to generate further indexing

  • The system generates an automatic transcription of the audio with a human assisted correction process to assure 100% accurate transcription in pseudo real time*

  • Video / audio are further indexed automatically utilizing the transcription*

  • Assistants may be given the ability to use a CLICKER, physical or APP to mark personalized key moments of the hearing allowing them to easily find these at a later moment

  • Documents may be attached to the hearing / main file number

  • The secretary generates a simple minute, which has the video, audio, transcription and attached documents as support

  • Once minutes are read, participants sign on their microphone as acceptance of the minute

  • Minute is generated on a PDF file with the content and signatures and automatically distributed to the participants via email

  • Video, audio, attached files, transcription and  minutes are synchronized with the central Invict system

  • A searchable and actionable repository is made available to the participants based on assigned permissions

  • Video may be easily found by participant and keyword across one or many hearings, allowing for the analysis of rendered testimony.  Such analysis goes beyond the actual words, it allows to see the close up shot and observe body language and facial expression, giving further insights

*Functions currently under development

Prison inmate remote deposition

Transferring prison inmates for a deposition is a costly process due to the logistics and security required. Additionally it generates an escape risk which could be avoided is the inmate never left the facility.

Invict can be used to generate virtual hearings without moving the prisoner from the holding facility, lowering security concerns and eliminating transport costs. The inmate’s video is projected on a monitor in the courtroom, interaction occurs in a natural manner as if the inmate was physically present in the court.

  • The inmate is biometrically identified using the embedded fingerprint sensor in the microphone

  • The inmate is required to ask for permission to speak from the assigned microphone

  • The Judge assigns right to talk or the system may assign automatically based on configured parameters

  • The video/audio of the inmate is recorded in close up shot

  • The system automatically indexes the video / audio by participant

  • The inmate is asked to sign the minute from the microphone touch screen

  • The testimony, recorded in close up shot,  is stored at a central location.  It can then be analyzed, not simply the words spoke but the body language and facial expression, giving further insights

Conciliation and Arbitration

Invict provides the ideal set of tools for conciliation and arbitration scenarios.

  • Register the assistants, those that are physically present at the Arbitration and Conciliation Center and those attending remotely

  • Record the complete session, always close up shot of the speaker(s)

  • Index by speaker(s) and keywords(s)

  • Generate the minutes from the system and ask each participant to sign from the microphone or terminal in agreement

  • Store indexed video files in the Central Repository allowing to easily search at a later date, as well as attached documents

  • Obtain insights of the process cost, duration and effectiveness from the system, for a specific case of grouped by search criteria relevant to the Arbitration and Conciliation Center

Law Offices

INVICT offers Attorneys and Legal Assistants powerful tools that help make their work more efficient and preserve crucial information for future consultation.

  • Testimonial recordings are indexed and can be found in the system searching by name of the person giving the deposition, the date of the recording, and the case number

  • Witnesses can be trained for their depositions , taking advantage of the close up recording of the subject to help them be more aware of mannerisms in their speech and body language, teaching them how to control these behaviours in order to be more effective when testifying in court

  • The keyword search function function helps Attorneys and their Assistants find the relevant sections of the deposition

  • Invict’s Central Repository is a valuable tool for effective Case Management and follow-up

Lawyer Training

Faculties of Law can take advantage of Invict’s technology to help students improve their oral presentation skills and mannerisms before the camera. Law Offices can take advantage of the same functions as part of their ongoing training and continued improvement plans for their Attorneys.

  • Mock-trials can be recorded, students can then review specific sections of the archived recording to assess their oral skills and body language, in order to improve their presentation skills

  • Oral arguments can be practiced and recorded using Invict, for later assessment of the arguments presented and their delivery

  • Mock-jurors interviews can be recorded, these records can be used for research purposes at a later date

  • Peers can review recordings of mock-trials and presentations, searching for the specific sections they wish to comment on, to gain insights into what made certain presentations effective, or to offer feedback to their colleagues