Return Product Policy

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Return Product Policy

To return a Product for warranty repair, out of warranty repair, exchange or credit, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is required. The RMA request form is available on the Invict web site at In addition to your contact information, you will need the following information in order to complete the form:

Model number
Serial Number
Date of Purchase (a copy of the original purchase receipt must be included with the returned Product)
Detailed description of the defect or malfunction (this helps ensure our technicians can replicate the symptom)

The RMA form and return instructions will be e‐mailed (or faxed) to you. Products returned to Invict must be properly packaged for safe shipment and shipped prepaid to Invict. Responsibility for loss or damage of the returned item will only transfer to Invict once it is received by Invict, it is recommended shipping is done by means that provide tracking and delivery confirmation.

Warranty Repairs
Warranty repair will be handled according to Invict’s standard limited warranty policy. The repaired or replaced item will be shipped at Invict’s expense, a maximum thirty (30) days after defective product is delivered at Invict.

Out of Warranty Repairs
Is a product is out of warranty or failure is not covered by warranty, you will be contacted with an estimate for repair once the problem has been determined. A minimum of $55 will be charged for evaluating a unit out of of not covered by warranty.

Exchange / Credit
Product may be returned for exchange or credit, previous approval of our sales department, under the following conditions:
Product must be returned in original packaging with all manuals and accessories.
Product boxes must not contain marking or damage.
Product must be in new condition, fully functional, with no scratches or cosmetic details.
Product must be shipped to Invict within 7 days of obtaining an RMA.
No exchanges or refunds will be applied toward software.

Product may be subject to restocking fees as per the following schedule:

Concept Restocking and Service Fees*
0-30 days from purchase 15%
31-60 days from purchase 20%
61-90 days from purchase 25%
Over 90 days from purchase Not accepted
Missing / Damaged documentation 5%
Damaged product box 20%
Missing Accessories 20%
Scratches / Cosmetic details / Missing labels 30%
Security seals removed / Product damaged Not accepted

*All fees are cumulative.

Be sure to include the RMA form and a copy of the purchase receipt with the Product. All returns must have the RMA number clearly marked on the shipping label. Products returned without an RMA number or shipped freight collect will be refused.