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Negotiation Tables

INVICT gives market both buyers and sellers a powerful tool to register the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the business, turning into a reliable source to solve future controversies, due to its unbiased nature. Parties may mark key moments of the session using a Clicker, physical or APP, allowing to easily find them in the central repository.

  • Negotiation meetings can be recorded, archived and indexed with appropriate cataloguing information and keywords, for future reference

  • Key moments of the negotiation can be marked using a Clicker, physical or APP, with human assisted keywords assignment, for future analysis and discussion

  • The system generates an automatic transcription of the audio with a human assisted correction process, which can be used to simplify transcription processes in clinical analysis*

  • Video, audio, attached files, transcription and  minutes are synchronized in Invict’s Central Repository

  • A searchable and actionable repository is made available for the parties in training to review as part of the training process

  • Video may be easily found by participant and keyword across one or many sessions, allowing traceability of the legal sequence

  • Use the HD video stored in the Central Repository to generate personalized evidence for further resolution of conflicts